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The Figari Museum is a nonprofit state institution that depends on the Dirección Nacional de Cultura (Ministry of Education and Culture), open to the public to serve society.

It deals with the conservation, research and communication of the legacy of Pedro Figari, as a testimony of his tangible work, for study purposes, education and recreation.

Main tasks:

  • To contribute to a better understanding of Figari’s work in each of its many facets: as an artist, lawyer, journalist, politician, educator, philosopher and writer.
  • To accomplish exhibitions and cultural events in the context of this multifaceted production either on an individual basis or in relation to other both historical and contemporary artists and thinkers.
  • To conduct a thorough survey of Pedro Figari’s artistic production in public agencies in order to build a general reference file.
  • To establish agreements in order to make policies to optimize public resources and to create filing management strategies for Figari’s work, tangible and intangible goods and documents, existent in public collections.
  • To avoid dispersion, loss and counterfeiting of his paintings through the detailed study, the acquisition of his assets subject to sale and the methodological survey of the existing public collection.
  • To collaborate with the national education system providing information concerning the life and work of the artist.
  • To promote research on Figari’s artistic production at all levels of education.


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